Asynchronous Lessons

Throughout the past couple of years, Fall in the Field has had to make adjustments to meet the changing needs of our audiences. In a response to COVID-19, Cohort 12 began creating asynchronous lessons for students and teachers to access entirely online while still interacting with the outdoors through education.

We are pleased to offer access to FREE asynchronous lessons from grades K-12 on our Virtual Fall in The Field website. There, you can teach and share lessons about symbiosis, adaptations, coastal ecosystems, life cycles, habitats, niches and more.

Environmental Education can be done anywhere and by anyone.

Online EE 2021

The theme chosen in forming these lessons is Reimagining Resiliency: Building Community Through Ecology. Engage with Youtube videos, worksheets, instructions and more by exploring these lessons as tools for outdoor learning.

  • Grades 3-5
    Creating Art with Nature
    Rad Riverways
  • Grades 6-7
    The Redwood Coast
    Redwoods, Marshes, and Coastlines
  • Grades 6-8
    A Day in the Life of an Oak
    Symbiosis Savvy